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Our goal is to build a community of like-minded traders who want to learn, grow, and make money in the process.


In order to access the community, the ONLY requirement is that you register a new  trading account using our referral links and trade on this new account


It takes a lot of time and energy to create content and signals for the community and by creating and trading on a new account you are showing us your support without it costing you a thing.


We will never ask for money.  There are no catches.  It is 100% FREE.

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step 1: Register a new trading account

To gain access to the community, you must register a NEW trading account on one of the exchanges below using our referral links.  You will need to trade on this account to retain access to the community.


The community is powered by our referrals and by using our referral links below you may be entitled to fee discounts on your trades.


If you already have accounts on these exchanges, please show us your support by creating and trading on new accounts using our referral links.

Our preferred exchange and #1 recommendation for those who want to trade Bitcoin and altcoins.

Binance is great for those who seek a large variety of altcoins.

Bybit is perfect for those who like to scalp Bitcoin and Ethereum.

step 2: Register for the community

Now that you have created a new trading account using our referral links, complete the form with your User ID (UID) for the exchange you have signed up to.  See instructions further below on how to find your UID.


Once your sign up has been confirmed and a spot has become available, you will be emailed a single use invitation to access the community.

Which exchange did you sign up to?  
Where did you hear about us?  
Type your UID here  

How to find your User ID (UID)


1.  Login to FTX.

2.  At the top right corner there will be a picture of a cog/gear.  Click the cog/gear.  You will be directed to your profile.

3.  At the top of your profile you will see your name, email, and affiliate link.

4.  Your UID is the numbers in your affiliate link, eg


              The UID is 12246941




1.  Login to Binance.

2.  At the top right corner there will be a picture of a person in a circle.  Hover over this and then click your email.  You will be       directed to your dashboard.

3.  Your UID will be displayed at the top of your dashboard near your email address.




1.  Login to Bybit.

2.  At the top right corner there will be your email address.  Hover over your email address and click ‘Account and Security’.

3.  Your UID will be listed under account information.

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